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Gabriella, rosé wine dedicated to the Mom, comes from Rebo grapes vinified in white with a short stay on the skins.

Tasting notes: fresh and mineral wine, easy to drink and with a Provencal color, it recalls hints of wild strawberries and currant to the nose.


Label: “My mum at 60's” by Giorgio Romanese. The line of the drawing was painted in relief, in order to make Gabriella's face known even to blind people, such as grandfather Narciso.


Pairings: excellent as an aperitif, it goes very well with appetizers based on fish, including raw fish and shellfish.

'GABRIELLA' La Mamma, Rosé

VAT Included
  • Grapes: 100% Rebo

    Alcoholic content: 12%

    Serving temperature: 10 ° C

    Bottles produced: 1333

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