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FIDES Chardonnay

Our winery has always loved art. We have been collaborating with various artists for 10 years, in fact each of our wines has an author label. We have always wanted to combine the art of making wine with more visual art and in particular enhance the creativity of young artists.

In 2016, following a trip to Barcelona, ​​we met Aroa, a young and talented artist to whom we entrusted the creation of our label.

Aroa Lozano Calatayud is a Spanish artist, who created the work of our Chardonnay FIDES.

Aroa was born in 1993 in Menorca, in the Balearic Islands. Always interested in art, she studied Design at the University of Barcelona. Today he combines his work in Marketing and Communication with independent graphic design projects involving illustrations, corporate identity and packaging.

The great grandfathers Fides and Vittorio

Fides Deuerlein and Vittorio Romanese

Our Chardonnay takes its name from great-grandmother Fides and is a tribute to the love story between great-grandmother and great-grandfather Vittorio.

Vittorio, a native of Levico Terme, chose to leave in the early 1900s to study at the engineering university in Munich, given that before the 1st World War the Trentino area was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

There, during his studies, he meets Fides and falls in love with her. After university, they decide to return to Levico together to live in the family home.


Grappolo Chardonnay, loc. Guizza (TN)

Chardonnay Fides comes from a plot at 600 meters above sea level in the locality of Guizza, in the municipality of Levico Terme (TN). The vineyard, just under 1 hectare, was planted in 2000 by the father and the uncle of Andrea and Giorgio.

The harvest, which usually takes place after mid-September, is manual, then the must is left to ferment at a controlled temperature of 19°C and aged in steel tanks, with a small part (10%) which matures in barrique. .

In 2020, 3035 bottles were produced.

Chardonnay history

Vitigno Chardonnay, loc. Guizza (TN)

Chardonnay is a white grape variety originating from Burgundy, in central-eastern France, from which it has spread all over the world, so much so that it has become one of the most cultivated varieties.

Today, great Chardonnays are produced in Italy, particularly in the subalpine belt, in France but also in Australia, United States, Israel and South America.

It is a vine that has a great variety of aromatic components that vary according to the terroir where it is grown and is one of the most universal varieties since it can be vinified as a sparkling base, still wine, passito and grappa. It is in fact part of the blend of the best classic method sparkling wines in the world, and has great aging potential.

In addition to sparkling wines, the still wines obtained are characterized by great character, a high alcohol content and high acidity.

The typical color of a Chardonnay wine is straw yellow, the nose is delicate and fruity and reminiscent of tropical fruit, the taste is harmonious and persistent.

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